1,000 affordable new homes for Edinburgh

1000 new homes for Edinburgh event

We've just unveiled plans to build 1,000 new affordable homes in Edinburgh over the next 5 years.

Margaret Burgess, Minister for Housing and Welfare, and Castle Rock Edinvar Chair Dr Cathy Garner launched the '1,000 new homes for Edinburgh' initiative at an event at West Gait, one of our recently completed developments. 

Alister Steele, Managing Director of Castle Rock Edinvar

"We are delighted to announce our programme to provide 1,000 new homes for Edinburgh.  Castle Rock Edinvar is committed to continuing to provide new affordable homes in Edinburgh and, with less grant funding available, we have recognised the need to innovate in order to achieve our aims.

"The additional income generated through leasing stock to let at intermediate rent allows us to increase borrowing, and with Places for People's ability to raise capital funding, and the agreement reached with the Scottish Government and City of Edinburgh Council, we are going to make a significant contribution to the housing supply and economic growth in the city in the next five years. West Gait represents value for money for the public purse and demonstrates our approach to providing high quality new homes was a real choice for people in renting or buying." 

Housing Minister Margaret Burgess

"Housing initiatives such as Castle Rock Edinvar's '1000 homes for Edinburgh', which, in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council, is making use of the Scottish Government's Housing Association Grant Recycling Pilot, are crucial in providing mix-tenure affordable homes for Edinburgh residents, while also supporting the construction industry and creating more local jobs.

"Housing is a major priority for this Government and we are committed to delivering our commitment of 30,000 affordable homes during the lifetime of this Parliament."

Housing Leader for the City of Edinburgh Council, Councillor Cammy Day

"Building 1,000 affordable homes is a major and welcome contribution to tackling Edinburgh's acute shortage of affordable homes. This is an excellent initiative and I look forward to working with Castle Rock Edinvar to help them deliver this commitment.

"West Gait is a great example of how new modern, energy efficient social housing can meet housing needs and help build communities and I look forward to the completion of more of these developments across the city."

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