Your neighbourhood

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We aim to ensure successful places and enable people to reach their potential. We're not just focused on the home we provide. We care about you, your neighbours and your communities.

In neighbourhoods where we have a significant amount of housing stock we use a neighbourhood planning approach. This helps us to manage the areas in a focused way and actively work with local residents and groups in the community to make a successful place. Currently we use this approach in 8 areas.

Our commitment

Is to ensure we develop and manage successful places. Our neighbourhoods team work closely with local groups and organisations to make this happen.

Recently we've:

  • Increased opportunities for children and young people to take part in local activities
  • Developed community and open spaces
  • Helped vulnerable tenants learn new skills and how to manage their homes better
  • Supported people to move into work or training

We know this can make a positive difference to people's lives.

Your commitment

You've agreed to play your part by cleaning common areas, keeping gardens tidy and dealing with your rubbish properly. We sometimes provide a stair cleaning or landscape maintenance service. If there are any problems with these services or in general, let your Housing Officer know.

For more information contact the Neighbourhoods team on 0131 657 0600.

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