Casestudy: EAST-HEAT

solar panels

This year we have been involved in an exciting and innovative heat storage project called EAST-HEAT (Edinburgh and Surrounding Towns Heat Energy Action through Thermal-storage).

The project has received over £3 million funding from the Scottish Government, through the Local Energy Challenge Fund and more than £4 million of investment in solar panels from Edison Energy.  

The lead partner on the project is Sunamp, a small company based in East Lothian which designs and manufactures innovative heat storage 'batteries'. Other partners include East Lothian Housing Assocation and Edison Energy, a solar company.

The project has developed and tested the heat storage batteries in a variety of different situations, with the aim of increasing residents' comfort and tackling fuel poverty.

EAST-HEAT has involved various Castle Rock Edinvar properties, including sheltered housing developments at Balfour Court in Edinburgh and Salisbury View in Mayfield, and over 600 individual house and flats across central Scotland.

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