Moving out

If you're planning on moving then you'll need to:

  • Give us 28 days written notice if you want to end your tenancy
  • Give us access to carry out an end of tenancy inspection
  • Leave the property and any common areas clean and tidy
  • Carry out any required decoration or repairs before you go
  • Remove all your belongings
  • Hand in your keys on time
  • Get our written permission if you want to exchange your property with another tenant (a 'mutual exchange')
  • Get our written permission if you want to pass your tenancy on ('assign' it) to someone else
  • Ensure all rent arrears have been paid and any recharges for repairs.

We may charge you for cleaning, repairs, removal and storage of belongings and lock changes if you do not meet your responsibilities.

You may be eligible for compensation for any improvements you have made in your home. This applies at the end of your tenancy. To check if you are eligible please contact the Voids team on 0131 657 0600.

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